Integrative Oncology - General

With Integrative Cancer Care we give ourselves the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome through our cancer journey. At Vive Integrative Health Group, our role is to empower you with tools and strategies to strongly influence the course of your journey and ultimately your outcome. Integrative therapies in cancer care are supported by strong evidence, all of which is used to guide our specially designed programs.

When used appropriately Integrative Cancer therapies impact cancer progression to:
• achieve better outcomes, including improved survival
• reduce risk of recurrence

Just as importantly these therapies are able to improve quality of life through:
• improved energy
• reduced side effects of treatment
• a smoother journey through cancer: mentally, physically, and emotionally
As would be expected, a greater impact is found when beginning integrative therapies early, though no matter the stage of your cancer journey, there is good reason to add integrative therapies into your course of treatment.
Our Approach
The therapeutic options available at Vive Integrative Health Group include the most well-researched and clinically supported therapies for Integrative Cancer Care anywhere.
Our role is to recognize the most appropriate therapies to provide substantial benefit in all of the objectives stated above. These include:
• Intravenous Therapies
• Appropriate Supplementation with Natural Products
• Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Highly impactful Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations
Extraordinary benefit has been recognized with therapies within each of these general areas. More specific recommendations are made based upon the needs of each individual patient.
For further discussion as to the options available to you, please book a visit with one of our specially trained Integrative Oncology Naturopathic Doctors.