Symptoms To Resolve - Sleep & Insomnia

Poor sleep and insomnia is terribly difficult to endure… it affects our enegy, our mood, our performance, and our resilience.

Sometimes sleep problems are relatively easily resolved and sometimes they are not. The longer duration and greater severity of sleep problems, the more challenging resolution may be. Either way, a thorough assessmunt of what is underlying poor sleep is essential.

Medications often don’t work that well. The body shouldn’t require medications to do something physiologically normal – like sleep. The question is why can the body not sleep…not how do we force it into sleep.
A thorough assessment is necessary in order to guide appropriate treatment for sleep. Questions may include:
• How long you have been experiencing sleep issues
• How is sleep being affected – difficulty falling asleep? difficulty staying asleep? ability to wake up in the morning?
• Typical bedtime routine
• Your sleep environment
• Stress levels
• Hormone balance
• Energy levels
Aside from a thorough case history, other forms of assessment can be helpful. This may include:
• Blood work
• Hormone testing
• Neurotransmitter testing
Once the various factors are determined, treatment recommendations are made according to the individual case. This may involve:
• Ways to regulate the circadian rhythm – through environmental support, changes to routine, dietary habits, stress management
• Balancing hormones – supporting melatonin production, decreasing cortisol levels
• Regulating blood sugar levels
• Balancing the nervous system – through nutritional supplements, acupuncture