Corona Virus: 3 Podcast Episodes

Corona Virus: 3 Podcast Episodes

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Here are 3 podcast episodes that goes through the facts on the Corona Virus with 3 different experts.

Episode 86: Corona virus with Dr. Heather Zwickey: The Facts from an Immunologist and Infectious Disease Specialist

Join Dr. Tyna Moore as she interviews Dr. Heather Zwickey on all things factual about the virus, your immune system and how this all works together. No fear, just facts and helpful education. Education over fear.

Episode 87: Corona virus update with Kiran Krishnan, Virology and Molecular Medicine Scientist

Join Dr. Tyna Moore and Kiran Krishnan as they discuss how this virus works, how it binds, the ACE2 receptor and why those with chronic inflammation may be at higher risk.

Episode 88: Corona virus: Final Installment with Dr. Paul Anderson

Join Dr. Tyna Moore and Dr. Paul Anderson as they shed new insight on some of the treatments available in the hospital setting, how they work and what it means for you. They also discuss simple measures everyone can take right now to make themselves more resilient and durable during this time.

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