Healthy Menopause

Healthy Menopause

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Hormone balance plays a life-long role in everyone’s lives but becomes particularly prominent when a woman transitions into menopause.  From hot flashes and night sweats to mood changes, a woman can experience a myriad of symptoms related to abrupt or inconsistent changes in hormone levels.

Although these symptoms may appear a normal part of ‘transitioning’, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control them or better yet, go through menopause feeling better than you have felt in years?

In my hormone-based Naturopathic practice, I see women transition from feeling tired, miserable, and having menopause disrupt the quality of their lives, to becoming energetic, motivated and happily embracing their next phase of life.

Healthy menopause is possible!

Although medications for many menopausal symptoms are available and quick to be prescribed, they don’t come without the risks and side-effects.  I encourage women to consider working with their bodies to naturally achieve hormone balance to ultimately avoid the use of prescription medications and hormones.

Dr. Patti’s Approach to Life-Long Hormone Balance

Recharge your Adrenals

The adrenal glands work hard to ensure hormones remain in balance when a women’s ovaries begin to decline in function.  Being the primary organs for ‘stress management’, focusing on nourishing and supporting the adrenals can go a long way in ensuring hormones achieve and stay in balance.  From foods to nourish the adrenals to herbal tonics that boost adrenal function, there are many individualized options used to balance the adrenal glands in addressing menopausal symptoms.

Healthy Gut = Healthy Hormones

Weight gain, especially mid-abdominal weight gain in menopause, can stem from the health of the women’s digestive tract.  Many studies show that the make-up of a person’s gut flora can determine one’s risk of weight gain.  Symptoms of indigestion including gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can often be related to gut flora imbalance.  Digestive work is an integral part of hormone balance in menopause.

Love your Liver

Hormone balance cannot be easily achieved without a focus on supporting the liver’s ability to process, detoxify, and eliminate hormones.  By identifying a woman’s impediments to liver function and safely supporting the detoxification of toxins that have accumulated throughout their lives, hormone balance is more easily maintained.

Menopause should be a natural transition in a woman’s life when our years of wisdom culminates to a time of self-nurture and living out our personal dreams.  Don’t let symptoms negatively affect your quality of life – help is available and feeling great can be achieved!  Let me know how I can help.

~ Dr. Patti

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