High Dose IV Vitamin C

High Dose IV Vitamin C

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How does High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C impact patients receiving chemotherapy?

Extending Life and Delaying Relapse

In 2014 an important research paper was published that built upon much of what is known about using High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C in cancer patients.  In this study, the researchers were looking specifically at advanced stage (III/IV) ovarian cancer and the impact on chemotherapy toxicity, side effects, and patient response.

They compared two groups of patients, the first group receiving standard chemotherapy including Paclitaxel and Carboplatin, and the second group receiving the same PLUS Intravenous Vitamin C twice weekly.

In addition to studying real, live patients, portions of the study also looked at how Vitamin C interacts with these chemotherapy medications in a lab setting to help confirm it will not interfere with the chemotherapy and better understand how they work together.

Being a smaller study, the results are limited, but we do know that those patients treated with Vitamin C in addition to their chemotherapy:

–  Experienced less toxicity (side effects) associated with their chemotherapy
–  Tended to live longer (improved survival)
–  Delayed disease recurrence and progression

It is important to remember that these patients began with advanced ovarian cancer, so any improvement seen is quite substantial.

Further consider that these patients ONLY received Intravenous Vitamin C to complement their treatment, whereas many patients would be recommended several additional supportive therapies to further benefit their outcome.  What would a more completely well–rounded program result in?  Research certainly suggests that when selected carefully, additional therapies only further improvement.


Oncologists are sometimes concerned that a therapy that reduces side effects of chemotherapy may also be reducing the impact on cancer cells.  This paper shows that the addition of High Dose Vitamin C to the chemotherapy does not interfere with chemotherapy.

Clinically speaking, it is typical to see improved prognosis (extended life) in all cancer types when using High Dose Vitamin C, and more so when other integrative therapies are included.  It is also typical for patients to feel better and tolerate chemotherapy with less severe side effects.


High-dose parenteral ascorbate enhanced chemosensitivity of ovarian cancer and reduced toxicity of chemotherapy. Sci Transl Med. 2014 Feg 5; 6(222)

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