Intravenous Nutrients and Stress

Intravenous Nutrients and Stress

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Do you need a body “tune-up”?  Intravenous nutrients can be your answer.

Imagine a sports car driven around a race track repeatedly, over and over, pursuing the fastest lap and the most performance they can eek out of their car. Now imagine the moving parts inside that car – the pressures, the straining metal, the heat, the expenditure of energy. And now think about how long one might feel comfortable driving round and round before becoming seriously worried about the car suffering a catastrophic failure. Perhaps it’s an engine failure where the car just loses power and rolls to a stop. Or possibly a brake failure that sends the speeding car hurdling into a wall demolishing the car and maybe the driver as well.

I feel that for many people in Calgary, this example reflects how we sometimes live our lives. Excessive busy-ness, demands we need to meet, goals we need to achieve – all of which result in our bodies running at 100% capacity, always trying to outperform and overachieve – but at the expense of the machinery underneath.

Often the wear-and-tear our bodies suffer are countered by coffee, alcohol, or medications (pain meds, antidepressants, or stimulants), but these don’t really solve the problem or help to build our bodies back up. They only help to make us feel as though we are managing things short-term.  In the meantime, our bodies slowly crumble into disrepair, leading eventually to an engine failure (where our bodies just lose power leaving us unable to move forward any further), or a brake failure that leads us to something more catastrophic (like a heart attack, stroke, or a chronic debilitating disease).

Now imagine what would happen if that race car driver paced him/herself and taking care of his/her car by stopping in the pits for maintenance, an oil change, repairs, or replacement of failing parts. He or she would feel immensely more confident in continuing their pursuit of the fastest lap around the track.

You see where I’m going with this… Our bodies need the same maintenance to keep us going strong into the future and to help us continue to perform confidently.

I only wish we were able to replace failing parts in our bodies the same way we can in cars, but that only makes maintenance of our bodies even more important!

Where do Intravenous (IV) Nutrients fit in?

The nutrients we consume help us with maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, when our bodies are under stress, we deplete our supply of these valuable nutrients much faster than we can possibly replenish, even if we were to consume a perfect diet.

Replenishing these nutrients intravenously is an easy way to maintain our energy, our performance, our stamina, our good looks, and our health.

Alongside a few other simple strategies, intravenous nutrients reduce the effects of time, wear-and-tear, and stress on our bodies. And by reducing the wear-and-tear, we can ultimately even reduce aging!  Consider intravenous nutrient therapy the next time you feel run down, exhausted or just need a quick “tune-up”.

– Dr. Colin

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