Spring Detoxification

Spring Detoxification

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With Spring-time upon us, we all look forward to coming out of our winter hibernation with renewed energy and vigour. As we consider de-cluttering and ‘Spring-cleaning’ our homes, Spring is also a great time to lighten our bodies and do a Spring detoxification program.

Spring is the most common time of year that our patients do a cleanse. With Vive Health’s uniquely designed 21 day detoxification program, patients are thoroughly guided and properly monitored for great results.

The detoxification program involves two important components: 1) A nourishing, whole-foods nutrition plan with many delicious recipes and snack ideas, and 2) A specifically formulated detoxification medical food to support the body’s detoxification process.

Many patients experience almost ‘immediate’ and long-term benefits including but not limited to:

–  Better energy and mental function
–  Improved body composition
–  Clearer skin
–  Decreased digestive symptoms (gas, bloating, indigestion)
–  Decreased inflammation
–  Overall sense of well-being

What’s holding you back from feeling the best you can be? Talk to one of our doctors and find out how a proper detoxification program can help you!

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