Drawing from clinical research and our extensive experience, we provide a wide range of therapies to help ensure your success in expanding your healthy family.

Helping you conceive

Our fertility clinic experts work closely with you to optimize your ability to conceive, have a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby.  Every couple is presented with a customized and comprehensive plan leaving no stone unturned in our effort to help you achieve success.  Our strategies are effective in supporting every step of the process – pregnancy preparation, conception (natural and assisted), pregnancy, birth and beyond.

What to expect

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  • Every aspect of each partner’s reproductive and overall health is reviewed with an experienced doctor.
  • Common fertility concerns are addressed including:  recurrent miscarriages, PCOS, fibroids, blocked tubes, hormone imbalances, and low sperm count or sperm quality.
  • We utilize sophisticated methods of testing to identify physical or metabolic problems that may undermine your natural ability to conceive.
  • Your treatment may include:  acupuncture, individualized supplementation, intravenous treatment, fertility monitoring, and our optimal nutritional guidelines – each an important factor improving your chance of conceiving.

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