Allergies and sensitivities can profoundly affect our quality and enjoyment of life.

We understand this as well as anybody and know you want quick assessment and treatment options to get you back to feeling like yourself.

When speaking of allergies, one may be speaking of:

  • Seasonal Allergies – trees, grasses, pollen
  • Year-round Allergies – animal dander, dust, mould
  • Food Sensitivities – delayed food intolerances
  • Food Allergies – immediate onset, anaphylactic allergies
  • Chemical Sensitivities – synthetic substances (food additives, medications, household cleaners, paints, perfumes)

Dandelions under sun rays

Your doctors at Vive Health are highly experienced in identifying the signs of specific types of allergies, and have access to sophisticated and well-proven testing methods to pin down any of the allergies or sensitivities above that are causing or contributing to your problems.

Additionally, we are able to couple your test results with effective treatment solutions that will alleviate your allergies, help return your energy and focus, and help you perform your best again.

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