Chronic exposure to toxic chemical has become an increasingly significant health concern.  In recent years, research has established clear links between exposures to toxic chemicals and illness.

These exposures can be fundamentally responsible for the deterioration of health seen in many conditions.  Extensive research has further shown that it is not a question of if we are carrying a burden of toxins, but rather how much, and to what extent they affect our health.

Water splash.At Vive Health, we have developed advanced detoxification programs to support your body in the elimination of dangerous toxins.  In certain cases, these programs are used in conjunction with sophisticated methods of testing to establish the goals and monitor the effectiveness of the program.

Our Detoxification programs are designed specifically for each patient taking into consideration medical history and the specific goals to be accomplished.  There are generally several aspects of a detoxification program:

  • Specific Nutrient Formulas – Modern science has taught us that the detoxification process is heavily nutrient-dependent.  Phase I and Phase II enzymes are the engines that drive the detoxification process and they are fuelled by vitamins, minerals and other key food components. Therefore, adequate nutrition is essential for effective detoxification!
  • Organ Function Support – A successful detoxification requires optimal functioning of all the necessary organ systems. Specifically we assess the body’s ability to collect, process and eliminate toxins.  If there is a deficiency in any of these areas, the program is adapted to avoid a possible adverse reaction.
  • Dietary – Our programs provide simple dietary guidelines that improve the overall effectiveness of the detoxification program.
  • Questionnaire – A simple questionnaire used to evaluate changes in symptoms, energy levels and mental function.
  • BioImpedance Analysis (BIA) – The BIA measures specific markers of toxicity and body composition.
  • Additional Testing (if needed) – If our assessment warrants, we may test heavy metals and/or cholesterol levels before and after a detoxification program.
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