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Sep 21

Top 3 Nutritional Supports for Children

Every parent wishes for their children to thrive and be healthy in any environment.  Children are quite strong and resilient but it doesn’t mean there will not be occasions where they can get sick or have to deal with a health condition.  In my Naturopathic practice, one of my goals with families is to support a child’s […]

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  • Fish Oil Supplementation

    01 September 2015

    There are few things we can do that are simpler and more impactful to our health than taking a good quality fish oil supplement. Numerous health benefits have been attributed to

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  • Getting Value from your Nutritional Supplements

    24 September 2014

    One would hope that Natural Health Products, especially common ones like multivitamins, provide health benefit to the consumer, and certainly not harm. A recent article by GreenM

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