Hormones - Hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland is an important organ of focus in Naturopathic health care. It is responsible for producing hormones that play a role in many functions of the body including energy, metabolism, fertility, sleep regulation and mood balance. With its wide-reaching effects, it is not a surprise that many Naturopathic Doctors work to optimize thyroid function with all patients.

The symptoms of a sluggish or imbalanced thyroid gland can also be very general and varied.

These include:

• Fatigue and exhaustion
• Brain fog
• Anxiety and depression
• Sleep concerns
• Thinning, loss of hair
• Skin issues
• Weak nails
• Unexplained weight gain
• Infertility
• Irregular cycles
• Low libido
Finding out the status of your thyroid can be as simple as getting thorough bloodwork done. A full thyroid panel and a functional analysis of your results will allow your Naturopathic Doctor to make a better assessment of your thyroid. Additionally, your Naturopathic Doctor may want to include other tests to get a fuller analysis on other areas of your body that may be affected by poor thyroid function.
There are potentially many reasons why the thyroid may not be working optimally. Under the guidance of your Naturopathic Doctor, various factors may be addressed, including:
• Stress and the role of your adrenal glands
• Gut health and the immune system’s affect on Autoimmune disease
• Nutrient deficiencies
• Hormone imbalances
• Toxin load and liver health
The health of your thyroid gland is critical to the health of your overall body. Even if you are not experiencing any thyroid-related symptoms, keeping your thyroid happy and optimally functioning will ensure your body is working well for years to come.