Fertility - Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) or ‘chronic miscarriages’ is defined as 3 consecutive pregnancy losses that occur prior to 20 weeks gestation.  It is an unfortunate diagnosis that many women may face, and can create a sense of fear, doubt and stress with trying to conceive.  Naturopathic medicine is an excellent option to help these women become better educated with their fertility and to take back some control on their reproductive help.

A healthy pregnancy involves hundreds of biological and chemical interactions, working together to create a healthy environment for a growing embryo.  Therefore, a strong and balanced body is needed in order for the pregnancy to proceed well.  Addressing imbalances and looking at the health of the whole body is an important Naturopathic approach to treating RPL.  These may include:  inflammation, immune factors, oxidative stress, nutrient deficiencies and hormone imbalance.

The cause of RPL can be quite difficult to determine but with thorough investigation, can be properly addressed and treated.  In addition to conventional labs and testing, the Naturopathic approach to RPL is unique to the individual.  Taking into account the medical history of the patient, additional testing to uncover imbalances may be recommended including:

  • Bloodwork
  • Dried urine testing for comprehensive hormones (DUTCH panel)
  • Urine heavy metals testing
  • Testing for chronic infections