April 07, 2020

Meditation For Mental Health

Busy mind? Can’t stop the chatter going on in your brain? In our current environment of uncertainty, mental health is as important as ever. This is a perfect opportunity to try incorporating meditation into your daily routine. Similar to learning how to ride a bike, meditation takes practice to train awareness and attention. Mindfulness promotes mental clarity and emotional calmness. Give these guided meditations a try.

Morning Guided Meditation with Deeprak Chopra

A Meditation for Feeling As Safe As You Reasonably Can with Rick Hanson

Another recommendation that can help support one’s meditation practice is using a meditation assistant like Muse. Muse is designed to help novices learn to meditate and form the habit of a regular and rewarding practice. You get accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening with your brain, heart, breath and body while you meditate. It teaches you the essentials of meditation and provides milestones and rewards which motivate you to commit to a daily meditation practice.

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