Sublingual Immunotherapy

Sublingual Immunotherapy

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Treating allergies easily and effectively with Sublingual Immunotherapy

Allergies are very frustrating.  Symptoms are uncomfortable, they impact our energy and impair our minds.  Who wouldn’t want to get rid of them entirely?

The good news is that SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy) can put you on the right path to banish allergies forever.  SLIT has been extensively studied in clinical trials and has been available to our patients for several years.  We have become strong supporters of SLIT and have found that our patients show extraordinary benefits including:

– No longer expecting the worst with the oncoming pollens of the spring and summer seasons.
– No longer worrying about being caught without their anti-histamines to save them from their allergy symptoms.
– No longer worrying about visiting a friend with a cat or dog that has previously triggered strong allergies.
– No longer reacting in dusty or mouldy environments the way they have in the past.

How does the process of using SLIT for my allergies work?

Beginning SLIT allergy treatment is easy.  We begin with allergy testing with your doctor to determine exactly what you are allergic to.  The skin test is simple and quick to identify allergies to weeds, trees, grasses, cats, dogs, dust, and moulds.

Depending on what allergies are uncovered, we then have a pharmacy prepare your custom SLIT drops. There is nothing easier than taking these drops – simply place one drop under your tongue twice a day and hold it there for one to two minutes.

Immediately, the process of diminishing your allergic response begins, and with enough time the allergy can disappear entirely even without continued use of the SLIT drops.

The proactive approach to treating allergies

Most commonly, allergies are approached with a reactive strategywaiting for the symptoms (runny nose, itchy and red eyes, sneezing) to develop before taking a medication, and then waiting for it to kick in, hopefully without drowsiness or other side effects.

We feel the proactive approach is the better approach.  With SLIT, the body is reset so that allergic symptoms do not develop even when surrounded by allergens. This can be a blessing in times when we are stuck unexpectedly without medication and in cases where the medications just aren’t strong enough to eliminate the allergies.

To get ahead of your allergies this year, please give the clinic a call to begin the process of developing your allergy treatment program, including Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT).

~ Dr. Colin

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