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What To Expect

Your visits with our professional Naturopathic Doctors are based on the foundation of trust and genuine understanding that you want to improve your health.

With our longer visits, we take a comprehensive approach to evaluate your health, thoroughly devise a treatment plan, and deliver therapies that are effective at helping you reach your goals.

At Vive Health, you will be receiving the highest standard of care built on a relationship with open discussion, clear communication and a positive experience.




Your First Visit

During your first visit we will carefully gather your medical history and complete a complaint oriented physical examination as needed. The history taking will initially focus on your primary health concerns, but will also address other aspects of your health that may be contributing to your primary concerns and overall well being. We may also request you have further laboratory testing completed to shine further light on your case. At the conclusion of this visit you will be given some preliminary recommendations to start you on your treatment path.

In-Office Testing

Vive Health offers all new patients an opportunity to undergo a comprehensive series of testing done in-office to provide a baseline measurement of many aspects of your health.  Click on Laboratory Testing for more information.

Your Second Visit

A second visit is often booked within one to two weeks time to thoroughly discuss your individualized treatment plan, go over your In-office testing results, and answer your questions.  Although somoe aspects of your treatment will have begun after the first visit, the larger strategy will begin to take shape this visit.  This may involve dietary recommendations, nutritional supplementation, herbal remedies, acupuncture, injection therapy or other approaches to treatment depending on your case.

Follow Up Visits

Follow up visits will be recommended based on the individualized treatment plan discussed in the second visit.  These may range from weekly to monthly visits depending on your case and your course of treatment.  When you are well on your way toward resolving your initial concerns, we can begin helping you establish long-term health goals.  Together we will create a plan to set you up for a lifetime of health to not only get you better but to keep you better.

Vive Health is a forward thinking Calgary Naturopathic medical clinic with services and programs that fill one simple goal – to help you get better and stay better! We hope this site will help you discover how we are different and how we can help you find and keep your best health. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about how we can help you, and look forward to meeting you to introduce you to a new kind of health care experience.
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