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Vive Health is a forward thinking Calgary Naturopathic medical clinic with services and programs that fill one simple goal – to help you get better and stay better!

We hope this site will help you discover how we are different and how we can help you find and keep your best health.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about how we can help you, and look forward to meeting you to introduce you to a new kind of health care experience.

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The best medical care gets you healthy and keeps you healthy.

Our Programs

Pain Treatment

Our Pain Treatment Program is a uniquely effective program that combines simple treatments to reverse chronic pain, treat injury, and return you to a pain-free state.  Your treatment will be individualized to your condition following a thorough assessment.

Any type of pain in any part of the body can be treated effectively. Depending on the origin and type of pain, your plan may include any of the following common treatments: Prolotherapy: Prolotherapy is an import...
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Fertility Clinic Calgary

Drawing from clinical research and our extensive experience, we provide a wide range of therapies to help ensure your success in expanding your healthy family.

Helping you conceive
Our fertility clinic experts work closely with you to optimize your ability to conceive, have a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby.  Every couple is presented with a customized and comprehensive plan leaving no stone unturned in our effort to help you ac...
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Integrative Cancer Care

In their fight against cancer, many people choose to seek the advice and care of a Naturopathic Doctor practicing oncology.  And rightly so, there are many well-studied, evidence-based approaches to integrative cancer care that all cancer patients should explore.

Our approach integrates complementary cancer practices into all stages of cancer treatment—before, during and after primary conventional therapies—and will not interfere with other treatments. There is significant and pro...
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Chronic exposure to toxic chemical has become an increasingly significant health concern.  In recent years, research has established clear links between exposures to toxic chemicals and illness.

These exposures can be fundamentally responsible for the deterioration of health seen in many conditions.  Extensive research has further shown that it is not a question of if we are carrying a burden of toxins, but rather how much, and to w...
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Heavy Metals Testing

The presence of toxic heavy metals in our environment and our bodies has received considerable attention from the media in recent years.

Lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminum are all examples of these heavy metals and although we are paying closer attention to them only now, their presence in our environment and our bodies has been causing harm for a very long time. When heavy metals accumulate in our bodies, numerous symptoms and diseases can arise. In fact, heavy metals have been linke...
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Healthy Hearts

Heart disease is preventable and effectively managed with the right screening and treatment tools.

Vive Integrative Health Group has developed an Advanced Cardiovascular Risk Screening Program that we feel is the most comprehensive heart assessment available.  This program offers the greatest amount of information and is an incredible value to our patients who want the clearest assessment of their risk and the ability to implement tools and treatments to reduce their risk as much as p...
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Allergies and sensitivities can profoundly affect our quality and enjoyment of life.

We understand this as well as anybody and know you want quick assessment and treatment options to get you back to feeling like yourself. When speaking of allergies, one may be speaking of:
  • Seasonal Allergies - trees, grasses, pollen
  • Year-round Allergies - animal dander, dust, mould
  • Food Sensitivities - delayed food ...
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Digestive Health

Your digestive tract plays an enormous role in the health of your body - from proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients, to proper waste elimination.

Whether you are suffering from gas and bloating, or have been diagnosed with irritable bowel or an inflammatory bowel condition, our doctors can help.  Any digestive disorder can be effectively treated with our natural approach to alleviating symptoms and supporting long-term healing of the intestinal tract. We have an array of ...
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Well Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for families, but can quickly turn into a time filled with questions and concerns while the couple prepares for the new arrival.

Vive Health’s Well Pregnancy program is designed to support the health of the mom and provide the necessary information and guidance through the various stages of pregnancy.  Appointments are structured to correspond with midwife or obstetrician care and will cover numerous topics such as:

Well Child

The  health of a child from day one onward is important to ensure proper development and a healthy body into adulthood.

Vive Health’s Well Child program aims to provide families with informative and practical guidance as their child grows and moves through various milestones.  Various topics discussed may include:
  • Breastfeeding support/counselling
  • Food introduction scheduling
  • Vaccination counselling
  • Support for childhood health concerns ...
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Vive Health Blog

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  • Vive Health’s 5 Healthy Heart Tips

    27 February 2015

    1.  Move your body! Your heart muscle, just like any other muscle in the body needs exercise to maintain top form.  You should aim to move your body for 20-30 minutes, 3-5 time

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    20 February 2015

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