Our Team At Vive Health

Dr. Colin Race

Clinic Director, Naturopathic Doctor


"Life is about more than just living – it is about living well. People have a great degree of power over how their life and health will unfold as the years pass."

Dr. Patti Yik

Clinic Director, Naturopathic Doctor


"Living life to the fullest has always been my personal attitude toward life and I hope to guide others to think the same way."

Dr. Kate Hadfield

Naturopathic Doctor


"A healthy body is the pathway to empowerment. It allows you to flourish in all aspects of your life and achieve goals you once believed unattainable."

Dr. Jennifer Yee

Naturopathic Doctor


"I strongly believe that health and wellness exist on a spectrum. Health does not simply mean to be alive but also to be your healthiest self."

Dr. Charmagne Sia Lu

Naturopathic Doctor


"Total wellness integrates body, mind, and spirit, the way we integrate these different aspects into our daily lives, allows us to have more balanced and meaningful lives."

Cassandra Gray

Registered Acupuncturist


"Acupuncture is an adaptable, integrative and intuitive medicine which recognizes your unique path on this earth. It works to harmonize the body and activate subtle, forgotten parts of yourself allowing you to feel and express your true vitality."

Derek Chiu

Registered Massage Therapist, Manual Osteopathic Therapist


"Allowing you to achieve the wants and goals of your life, that is my purpose as your practitioner."

Natalie Pepin

Registered Nurse

Janessa Glass

Registered Nurse



A Great Experience!

Dr. Patti Yik is very knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about her work. If you need help with any kind of persisting ailment, or if you just want to monitor your health, then I recommend Dr. Patti – you won’t be disappointed!


Surgery Recovery

Just wanted to send a note to let you know that surgery went well. I stopped taking pain medication after the weekend and am just taking the anti-inflammatory, supplements and homeopathics you have given me. I have had minimal bruising, pain and swelling which I was very pleased with, and I think are due to your prescriptions!


Flu Prevention

Prior to meeting Dr. Colin I didn’t know anything about non-traditional methods for cold and flu prevention. For the past 3 years I have followed Dr. Colin’s program, without traditional flu shots, and have found that my cold and flu symptoms have been significantly reduced, in fact I haven’t had any this season. My 10 year old also benefits with similar results. Above all Dr. Colin takes the time to explain everything and is a great listener.


Pregnancy Care

Dr. Patti has provided me with comprehensive care throughout my pregnancy, from recommending high quality supplements and monitoring nutrition to administering acupuncture to expedite my labor. She has also helped me to get back in shape after the birth of my son by recommending a detox program for general health and weight loss. Vive’s Well Child program gave me reassurance that my son was meeting all developmental milestones and receiving the best nutrition possible, both while I was nursing and introducing solid foods. We always enjoy our visits to the clinic. It is a bright, cheerful and baby friendly place!


Sprained Knee

I was completely amazed how effective prolotherapy has been for my knee. Since partially tearing my ACL and MCL playing soccer years ago, my knee has felt unstable and occasionally tender. I have also been more prone to further injuries of the same knee. With only one prolotherapy treatment by Dr. Race, my knee already feels more stable and I am able to resume physical activity including soccer feeling much stronger and with greater confidence. I highly recommend Dr. Race for any sports-related injury or musculo-skeletal pain!


Painful Elbow

I injured my elbow back in November 2011. I didn’t pay attention to it because I thought it would go away after a few days, but it didn’t and it got worse. I went to see my family doctor, who then referred me to a physiotherapist. I went for about six treatments with acupuncture and laser as part of the treatment. But after all that the pain didn’t go away. I was disappointed and frustrated at the same time, until one day I met a friend of mine. She recommended a chiropractor whom she was seeing at the moment for her neck and sholder pain. She was very impressed and happy with the result. She told me to go see him, and so I did. I went for treamtents, but again the pain didn’t go away.

Finally, my daughter told me to see Dr. Race, who is a Naturopathic Doctor. I was hesitant about the treatment, called prolotherapy, just because I hate needles. But then I thought, it was either I would have it done or I would have to live with it. So, I went on with the treatments. I had about three or four injections in my elbow per treatment. After the first treatment, I had noticed some improvement, so I went on for another two treatments. The pain was gone after the third one. I was amazed with the result. I was so thankful, I was able to do weight lifting again and went on with my normal life. Since then I have been recommending Dr. Race to everyone. Eva


Arthritis in the Knee

Since commencing Prolotherapy on my knee I have noticed a gradual but steady increase in my personal comfort, thanks entirely to Dr. Colin Race. Being active is extremely important to me both personally but for all the obvious health benefits. I have had three separate surgeries on my left knee post rugby which initially were needed after a torn ACL. Aging and activity have left me with an arthritic knee after the surgeries. I had been having trouble sleeping at night and the developing arthritis left me tired and frustrated.

In the last few months of having Prolotherapy my comfort level has gone from zero to a positive 10 out of 10. I can sleep well at night without discomfort and I have no pain post exercise as the therapy has left me in state of comfort. I truly enjoy the professional, attentive and calm atmosphere at Vive. From the time you walk in to the time you leave everyone is friendly and courteous. If you have ever had the experience in one of Calgary’s over stressed walk in health clinic’s you will immediately enjoy the healing nature of Vive. I have been recommending Vive to all my friends and business associates. This is what Calgary needs, a professionally well managed place of healing, a truly healthy alternative health care facility. Dave


A Big Thank You!

Hi Dr. Patti, I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. I felt pretty overwhelmed yesterday and a bit scared looking over everything as I was not given any answers or guidance, and kind of sent on my way with nothing but a prescription. Thank you for going through my results with me in detail, thank you for taking time to answer all my questions (ridiculous or otherwise), and thank you for calming me by verifying a game plan and taking interest in seeing it through. You have definitely been my constant calming factor over the last couple of years and the only one that ever seems to have answers for me!

Thank you for all your time and commitment – much appreciated!



Hi Dr. Colin, I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you! I am doing great…as of today, I am 9 weeks pregnant! You were actually one of the first people I thought of when I found out. I feel you were a really big part of this, not only by physically helping me, but listening to me and letting me put everything out there. You made me feel comfortable enough to cry on your shoulder and it may sound weird, but as much as I can talk to [my husband] about everything, it really helped to give some of my “stress ” to someone I felt I could trust. Thank you so much for being the kind of person you are and I feel very fortunate to know you. Thanks again for everything and I’ll talk to you soon!


Heart Health, Kidney Stones and Gout

Two years ago, at age 60, I went to Dr. Patti Yik and asked if she could help me with two problems:

First, high cholesterol – It had been high for years and my MD was reading me the riot act about getting on drugs, which I did not want to do. One year after starting with Dr. Patti I saw my MD for my annual checkup. The MD phoned me laughing and told me my cholesterol level had come down to teenager level, and then she corrected herself and said the teenagers aren’t that low any more.

Second, kidney stones – I had had two episodes in two years and was fed up with the pain. Here we are two years later, I have just had an ultrasound and the results show no stones of any kind developing, all due to Dr. Patti’s guidance.

In addition, since then, I have had episodes of gout. Through Dr. Patti’s diet instructions I am avoiding gout without taking the drugs.

As for exercise, I am not a runner; I just walk 45-60 minutes most days – that’s all.


IV Nutrient Therapy

Due to my physically demanding profession and my low calorie intake, I sought out the aid of intravenous (IV) vitamins mineral treatments. Dr. Colin has been very informative and personally experienced in this area of IV treatments. I opted to undergo six weekly treatments, my first session went very well with a noticeable increase in energy. By the fourth treatment I felt a deep sense of rejuvenation as well as a balance sense of sustained energy. I will be adding IV treatments to my health and wellness regiment indefinitely, it is a priceless investment into my health.


Menopause and Mood

I have been going to naturopathic physicians for myself, my husband and my children for the past 25 years – for ear, throat and chest infections, allergies, hot flashes, constipation, etc. I am totally sold on the natural way as opposed to turning to drugs or surgery, unless absolutely necessary.

I started going to Dr. Patti Yik after a talk on osteoporosis at a friend’s house. First, we got rid of my annoying hot flashes and crabbiness. Then we focused on the repetitive strain injury in my arms and carpal tunnel syndrome. Through a combination of supplements, treatments and other lifestyle changes, I have been able to continue working – without surgery. Something I didn’t think was possible. And watching my husband lower his very high cholesterol to a healthy level and deal with gout and kidney stones with Dr. Yik’s support, naturally without drugs, is simply amazing.

What I especially appreciate is that Dr. Yik takes the time to explain what is going on in my body (diagrams and all) and how she proposes to treat it in a very clear and understandable manner. Understanding the what and how makes me want to comply and follow through with the proposed treatment, with great results.


Back Pain

My husband started seeing Dr Colin about six weeks ago about a bad back. He is now starting to become a believer in Holistic Medicine. Dr Colin has helped convert him with his warm “bedside manner” and by not suggesting anything drastic while accepting my husband’s “different” beliefs. His back is slowly getting better for which we are both very grateful. I am now recommending Dr Colin to my friends and acquaintances.


Chronic Cough

For at least the last three years I had been plagued with a “mysterious” nocturnal cough. I underwent a battery of tests ordered by doctors and specialists: lung function, barium swallow, nasal x-rays, gastroscopy and the ultimate joy: spending 24 hours with a computer probe inserted through my nasal passage into my stomach. Nothing conclusive. I pursued several recommended remedies: prescription heartburn medications, inhalers, elevating my bed, avoiding food close to bed time. Nothing helped. I resolved myself to the fact that I would have to endure those nasty coughs every time I put my head on a pillow.

Then I went to see Dr. Colin Race at Vive Integrative Health. He refused to write this cough off as an unresolved mystery. He sent me home with a naturopathic remedy. The cough has disappeared! Over the years, it was a routine for me to lie down at night and wait for the cough, get it over with and then try to sleep. Not any more. Thanks Dr. Colin!


Our Story

About Our Story

Vive Health was started in Calgary, Alberta in 2010 with one goal: to improve the health and lives of people in our community. Armed with advanced medical therapies and cutting-edge research, we are revolutionizing health care delivery by improving performance and helping people live their best lives.

One couple, one mission

Drs. Patti Yik and Colin Race met in Naturopathic Medical school located in North York, Ontario.  After graduation, they made the big move to Calgary to start their individual practices.  After four years of working in various chiropractic, physiotherapy and medical practices, they decided to join forces and Vive Integrative Health Group was born.

Located in the small community of Montgomery, Vive Health quickly grew in size and scope.  Within 10 years, the clinic has grown to 6 Naturopathic Doctors, 1 TCM Doctor and 6 staff.  Even through the growth, the vision of Vive Health has remained the same – to offer quality, effective health care to those looking to take control of their health.

New clinic location

With a team that size, it was inevitable that Vive Health would outgrow its space.  In January of 2021, Vive Health moved into their own building, just one block away from where the clinic started.  It was built to accommodate all the current offerings but with the anticipation of new treatments, group sessions and future growth.

The present and the future

Medicine is constantly evolving and the team at Vive Health is keen on bringing new treatments and advanced levels of knowledge to the forefront of health care.  Whether you are experiencing symptoms negatively affecting the quality of your life, looking for answers that have not been satisfied, or just taking a proactive stance to your health, Vive Health can help.  Come experience a more individualized and advanced approach to being the best you can be.