The 10 Day Reset Program

The 10 Day Reset Program

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We now find ourselves at the end of April and most of us have established and adapted to new routines with self-isolation and physical distancing.  We have all gone through periods of grief and mourning for the things we are unable to do, but as we move into Spring, let us look into the coming days with a renewed sense of hope and rejoice in the opportunities we have all been given.  Perhaps this may even be a good time to focus on our health, press the “reset” button, and allow us to feel better and stronger, than ever before.

Welcome to the Reset Program

The Reset Program is a quick and effective 10 day diet and lifestyle plan to “reset” your system and leave you feeling lighter, more energetic and vibrant.  Using simple dietary guidelines and incorporating consistent lifestyle habits, you will gain the confidence needed to make changes that will benefit your physical, mental and emotional health.

Diet Plan

The goal of the Reset Diet plan is to simplify and focus our intake with foods that are clean, nutritious and have low allergenic potential.  Here is what the Reset Diet Plan entails.


The goal of the Reset Exercise plan is to put aside 20-30 minutes a day to move and be active. This may involve following an exercise video on YouTube, doing a workout on a phone app, riding your bike, or taking a brisk walk around your neighborhood.  Check out some of our suggestions on our blog article Staying Active at Home.


The goal of the Reset Hydrotherapy plan is to add in one type of hydrotherapy treatment a day. It can be as simple as dry skin brushing daily before you hop into the shower, doing an alternating blast of hot and cold after your shower routine, or even soaking in a nice warm Epsom salt bath every evening.  Our blog article Hydrotherapy Treatments will give you some direction on how to incorporate this into your plan.

Breathing & Meditation

Finally, you will be adding in either a breathing exercise or meditation practice every day on the Reset Program.  You will find that doing this first thing in the morning can help set your day up well with good energy and motivation.  Here are our blog posts on Breathing Exercises and Meditation.

10 day check-in

Congratulations! Whether you have stuck to the 10 day program diligently or perhaps side-tracked a bit, you should be proud of doing something important for your health.  If you found this too “easy” or perhaps need a more individualized approach to address a certain symptom or condition, please reach out! Naturopathic Doctors are trained to provide support and treatment recommendations for any health concerns. Make that next step to a better, stronger and more vibrant you!

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