The Change of Seasons: Boosting your Immune Health through the Fall and Winter

The Change of Seasons: Boosting your Immune Health through the Fall and Winter

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The change of seasons is in the air – the temperature is dropping, daylight is getting shorter and nature around us is starting to transform.  Our bodies and our health undergo changes this time of year as well, as we make renewed efforts to get back to routine through diet and lifestyle. In my Naturopathic practice, many patients start addressing ways to boost their immune system to get through the fall and winter months in best shape possible.  Here are some simple things to keep in mind to keep you on track at staying healthy over the next few months.

Re-establishing a Routine

Long days, late nights and summer vacation make it easy to get out of routine.  However, our bodies function best when we have a daily routine and this is a great time of year to re-establish that routine.  Getting adequate sleep with consistent wake and sleep times is the key to supporting our bodies natural circadian rhythm and ensuring our immune system has the time to replenish and stay strong.  Try not to get the cooler weather get in your way of keeping up with your activity level.  Whether it is going for a refreshing fall hike or making a commitment by signing up for a fall program, making exercise a regular part of your routine will promote health on many levels.

Eating with the Seasons

Nature teaches us many things, one of which is providing us with food that best supports our health at different times of the year.  The types of foods most readily available this time of year, including apples, squashes, and root vegetables, speak to the shift away from cold/cooling foods to ones that promote warmth and immune-boosting nutrients.  Even how we prepare food over the fall and winter months by making soups, stews and casseroles add the ‘warmth’ necessary to support our bodies.  We can further support this benefit by minimizing our intake of raw ‘cold’ foods and summer treats like ice cream and iced drinks.

Undergoing a Detoxification Program

There is no better time than the fall season to commit to a defined time period of detoxifying the body. Vive Health’s detoxification program involves a hypo-allergenic, whole foods diet plan and an all-in-one Medical food that provides the nutrients needed to safely and gently support the body’s detoxification pathways.  It is one of our most popular programs to get one’s health back on track.

Participating in the Naturopathic Immune Boosting Program

Another popular program that many families participate in this time of year, Vive Health’s Immune Boosting program promote ways to support everyone’s immune system against colds and flus.  Look out for our annual special package rate for the month of October.

The change of seasons is a good reminder that our health can be influenced any time of year.  Being mindful and making even the smallest of changes to support our health allows us to fully enjoy what the ensuing fall and winter months have to bring!

~ Dr. Patti

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